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Here are the top Siamese from
CFA's 2006-2007 show season.

Top Cats in Championship

GC, BW, RW AcatamiAward Drama Queen
CFA's Best Siamese in Championship
Chocolate Point Female
Breeder/Owner: Sibyl A. Zaden

GC, RW Kaleiope Tryphena of Shera Len
CFA's 2nd Best Siamese in Championship
Blue Point Female
Breeder/Owners: Sharon Gartley-Betsy Arnold

GC, RW CasaDecano's Aria
CFA's 3rd Best Siamese in Championship
Chocolate Point Female
Breeder/Owner: Pat Decano

Top Kittens

GC, RW Thaifong Tiamo of Alexy
CFA's Best Siamese Kitten
Blue Point Male
Breeder: Virginia Wheeldon
Owner: Dianne & Bruce Alexy / Virginia Wheeldon

Top Cats in Premiership

GP, NW AcatamiAward Moonbeam
CFA's Best Siamese in Premiership
Lilac Point Neuter
Breeder: Sibyl A. Zaden
Owners: Sibyl Zaden / Mike & Vicki Franks

GP, RW Alexy's Too Romantic
CFA's 2nd Best Siamese in Premiership
Blue Point Neuter
Breeders: Dianne-Bruce Alexy
Owner: Elizabeth Dowell

GP, RW Minghou Native Dancer of Tayohme
CFA's 3rd Best Siamese in Premiership
Seal Point Neuter
Breeders: Pat-George Muise
Owner: Sandra B. Hogan

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