Siamese Breed Council Update

Oct 8, 2001

I wanted to update all breed council members on a couple of areas. First of all, the Lifetime Achievement Award criteria. There was very little comment on the criteria, most of it favorable, so we will go ahead and accept them as written. I have asked the following people to serve on the first committee: Joan Ardrey, Ellen Honey and Gloria Hoover. You may forward your nominations to anyone of them, or to me, and the individual committee member will forward it to the other members. Remember the deadline for submitting an essay to the committee for review is February 1st, 2002.

Secondly, the European poll. I have received responses from 23 breed council members at this point, and all but one felt that accepting a “European division” of Siamese will be detrimental to the Siamese breed in CFA. There were some creative ideas for helping European breeders interested in showing in CFA, and I will share these with you at a later date. There is still time to send in your response to this poll. I am going to keep these for use at a later date when the issue comes before the Board.

I also want to thank all those who were so generous in contributing to our awards. We have raised an additional $335, which will help us to continue to provide our award winning Siamese with increased recognition. Particularly I would like to thank Barbara Contrera and Ed Davis, who each contributed $50! Additional contributors were:

BB Felix
Betty White
Susan Perkins
Marge Guenther
Ann Brocklebank
Ann Arnold
Sharon Kapilan
Barbara Collins
Shirley Orberheide
Bob Molino
Anne Marie Bingham
Richard Sambol
Virginia Watkins
Pauline Bratt

Thanks again to all who have helped out, both with this recent contribution and at the annual Siamese Breed Council Breakfast.

As far as the recent developments from the Board meeting I will keep everyone updated as I learn more information. And please do not forget to pass the update along to Siamese breeders who are not on our list.