2002 BC Award Sponsor From

Attention Siamese Breed Council Members and Friends,

It is time once again for the annual Siamese Breed Council Awards! These awards are funded totally by donations from breed council members and Siamese breed clubs. In the past, your generosity has enabled us to honor many cats and our awards ceremony is a prime event at every annual, the envy of other breed councils! This year, we again ask for your help funding the awards, but we have something new to try, which we hope will make the event more enjoyable. We are taking a page out of the North Atlantic Region’s Awards and asking for award sponsors. If a friend of yours is getting an award, or just someone whose cat you admire, you can sponsor the award for $20, and you will be noted in the program. This is a great way for friends to congratulate each other on their achievements and to raise money to cover the cost of the awards!

Enclosed is a list as of March 31st with the current top 12 in each category, the top two of each color, and the current DMs. And this year we have A LOT of DMs, so we really need sponsors for those! Also, there will be no sponsors for the best in ch/pr/kt, but they are all listed in case the order changes. The season is not over and there could be some shifting and additions, so if you choose to sponsor someone who does not make it into the top ten or that already has a sponsor, we will notify you so that you can either choose someone else or give your gift to the general awards fund. A complete and final list will be available at the beginning of May and will be posted at the BC News page. As always, extra donations will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged in the program!

Please return this form and a check or money order for $20 US (payable to the Siamese Breed Council) to: Debbi Stevenson, 4 Byard Street, Johnstown NY, 12095, or phone 518-762-1465, or e-mail shimasu@citlink.net. If you have questions, contact Debbi or Mary Kolencik, 443-722-8226, siamese@bcpl.net.

Award (Cat’s Name):                                                                            

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Current DMs (there could be two more, this is an unofficial list as of April 30):

CH Acatamiaward Apollonia, DMOw: Sibyl A. Zaden
CH Blakthai’s Whitney of Jim-An-Di, DMOw: Bruce - Dianne Alexy
CH Cha-O-P’ya Princess, DMOw: The Rivards
CH Cha-O-P’ya Zara, DMOw: The Rivards
CH Chimcheeree Cherries in the Snow, DMOw: Charlotte Holbrook
CH Crystabel Camelia Sweet Success, DMOw: Christine - Isabelle Arnau
CH Jim-An-Di Nobody’s Purrfekt, DMOw: Bruce - Dianne Alexy
GC,RW Lilla B Forever In My Heart, DMOw: Holly McCreary
Maiyah Miss Whitney Houston, DMOw: Sheryl Polikoff
CH McCataclan’s Seals The Way, DMOw: Tim-Diane McClanahan
GC Mi Cielo’s Iberia of Almostangels, DMOw: Lillian R. Stice
CH San-Toi’s Hot Chocolet, DMOw: Mary Sano - Dee Johnson
Shera Len Linnea, DMOw: Betsy Arnold-Sharon Gartley
GC Shimasu’s People Will Talk, DMOw: Mary Kolencik and Julie Ziring
GC Sultry’s Meeko, DMOw: Barbara Klesman
CH Sultry’s Vertigo, DMOw: Barbara-Jennifer Klesman

Current Top 12 in Championship:

GC Kaleiope Elienai of Shera Len
GC Maiyah The Best Is Yet To Come
GC Jim-An-Di Dominique of Alexy
GC Toshi-Kun Sumire
GC Toshi-Kun Artemis of Pudi Tat
GC Maiyah Allofme
GC Nitelite's Izablu of Charjanie
GC Shera Len Sophistication
GC Csa's General Stonewall Jackson
GC Minghou's A Touch-Of-Frost
GC Sashimi Kats Dance To The Music
GC Pattam Singin' The Blues

Current Top 10 Kittens:

Ayuthaya Amoroso of Thaifong
San-Toi's Carbon Copy
Csa's General Stonewall Jackson
Blue Isles Raindance of Tayohme
Piddypat Sharpdressedman of Lilla B
Pattam's Blue Stealth
Alexy's At Last
J-Bar's Sinatra
Radja's Mika
K-Don Ziggy

Current Top 12 in Premiership:

Toshi-Kun Kawai
Cha-O-P'ya Houdini
Pattam's Blue Fox
Mccataclan's Standley
San-Toi's Echo
Operacats The Emperor Concerto
Opuss2000 Khan
K-Don Ziggy
Geishagoll Cappuccino De La Creme
Jim-An-Di Indigo Blue
Gimsin Piper's Son
Chimcheeree Punjab

Current Color Award Standings:

Chocolate:Maiyah The Best Is Yet To Come
 San-Toi's Eureka of Sa-Shai
Seal:Kaleiope Elienai of Shera Len
 Maiyah Allofme
Blue:Jim-An-Di Dominique of Alexy
 Toshi-Kun Artemis of Pudi Tat
Lilac (Too close to call!):Toshi-Kun Sumire
 Csa's General Stonewall Jackson
 Minghou's A Touch-Of-Frost
 Timura Ooh-La-La