Below are a series of questions, please answer them and return to me by September 1, 2006 as quickly as possible. They are meant to help you think about some issues raised at the CFA Board meeting in June, and should help the Board in formulating some decisions regarding all Breed Councils. Please take your time in answering them and think them through thoroughly. I will send a compilation of your answers to Annette Wilson and will have the results available to the Breed Council both on the website and in the next newsletter.

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1) Please relate your feelings on how the standard as written contains enough information for the judges to be able to correctly identify color and evaluate its importance to the Siamese breed. How do the points as currently distributed in the standard allow the judged to place the correct emphasis on good color in the Siamese breed?

2) Please describe the essence of an ideal Siamese in two sentences or less. Do not limit your description to just physical appearance, but also include color, style, movement and personality in your description.

3) Part a. In your opinion how often should breed councils be allowed to present standard changes to the Board?
  a. yearly
b. every other year
c. once every five years
d. other:    

3) Part b. Should changes in the standard be structured according to the length of time a breed has been accepted in CFA? If so, how?

4) Do you feel that the language used by the judges to describe the Siamese cat in their finals is consistent with the language in the written Siamese standard? Please give details, and if you do not agree please describe the type of dialog you would like to hear from judges regarding our Siamese.

5) What kinds of questions would you like to see on a health survey? Please use an additional sheet of paper if necessary. Examples are: numbers of cats in the house, description of facilities, how many cats live together (in groups), do you give your own vaccinations or go to the vet for kitten shots, what types of food do you use, type of litter, illnesses encountered annually, which cats get sick, ages, exposure to other animals, etc.