Siamese Breed Council Newsletter

April 2006

Once again, we are approaching that time of year when we all gather together to celebrate the accomplishments of the fine cats of our breed. This year's celebration will be especially significant, as it is also the 100-year anniversary of the acceptance of the Siamese as a part of the CFA registry.

In order to take full advantage of this opportunity we have been able to schedule a dinner on Friday night, instead of our usual breakfast. Betty White will be giving the keynote speech, on the history of the Siamese standard. Virginia Wheeldon will be doing a special PowerPoint presentation that will present some of the more notable Siamese in our history.

This year we have a kitten and two cats that have achieved the title of National Winner in this show season. This is a great tribute for the CFA Siamese, a breed that still continues to be a strong and vital part of CFA after a hundred years.

I hope that everyone will be able to attend and share this occasion with your friends and fellow breeders. We hope to make this a very memorable and joyful event. Contact Central Office to ensure your reservation for June 16th.

To further celebrate this occasion we are creating an Awards booklet to honor this truly special year. If you would like to put a picture of your cat in the booklet you can do so at a nominal cost. A quarter page ad would be $25.00, a half page $35.00 and a full page $50. Ads do not have to be limited to cats shown this season, but may include a cat you would like to honor for whatever reason, a cat important to your breeding program, a past show cat or simply a cat that was personally important to you. Ads may also just include text congratulating the Siamese breed for its milestone achievement or be simply business cards. This is a great opportunity to make the booklet a truly commemorative keepsake. Susan Beuerlein will be creating the booklet this year, and you can contact her at or call her at 478-922-9154.

In other news, the one item on the Breed Council ballot, the vote on whether or not to follow through with last year's vote and eliminate the registration as well as color class numbers for the albino color, was passed by the Breed Council and approved by the Board. The registration of albino colors will end May 1, 2006.

To bring everyone up to date on the Breast Cancer study, we still do not have a report on the original study, and the Winn Foundation has not found a new study for the additional funds that we raised. We hope that we will hear something further after this year's Winn Foundation meeting at the Annual.

We are continuing with our breed flats to honor the 100-year anniversary of the Siamese breed for the first half of the next show season. The last show to receive the breed flats will be the International in November, 2006. Selection of the shows for June through November is underway now, and the list will be published soon. Please remember, ANY show can be sponsored. If you or your club wishes to sponsor a show the cost is $25.00 (6 or 8 rings) per show, which includes shipping of the breed flats. You can use this opportunity to honor a special cat or person. Please contact Kathryn Brady for sponsorships. To try and keep BC costs at a minimum we are asking that anyone wishing to donate their flats back to the BC for use at another show contact Kathryn.

The sponsorship program for this year's awards has also begun, and several of our award-winning cats have already been sponsored. Don't forget to contact our treasurer early to ensure that you will be able to sponsor the award this year for your favorite cat. Kathy Baron is taking the sponsorship requests for the second through tenth of each division (Best Siamese awards are given by the Breed Council), as well as each DM and color award. The cost for sponsorship remains at $30.00 per cat. Kathy's email address is, and her phone number is 302-832-9300.

This year is a very special year for our incredible breed. I hope that you will all try and make it to the dinner in Reno this June to honor our Siamese as they celebrate one hundred years as a part of CFA.


Debbi Stevenson
Siamese Breed Council Secretary