Siamese Breed Council Newsletter

April 2003

As we near the time when we will choose a new group of CFA Directors At Large to lead us through the next two years, we will need to consider these candidates more closely than ever. CFA is at a crossroads. We are beset with numerous pressures, from Animal Rights Activists to a bad national economy to our own internal struggles with decreasing registrations, decline in Yearbook sales, and pressures on Central Office to reduce services or raise fees.

As we consider the available candidates, we must also consider what type of CFA will be most beneficial to the Siamese Breed as a whole. In order for our breed to flourish, we need a CFA that is committed to respecting both the wishes of the Breed Councils and the integrity of the individual breed. We need a CFA that is financially sound, so that our pedigree database and registrations are secure and CFA shows continue to provide a stage for us to display the best of our breeding programs. We need a CFA that connects us to the public, for it is the continued demand for our wonderful Siamese as family companions that enables us to pursue our hobby. We need a CFA that warns us when our hobby may be endangered and helps educate those who unwittingly seek to harm us, so that we may also help to save our hobby from the continually encroaching legislation that threatens our existence as breeders. We need a CFA that connects us to the animal world outside the cat show, through feline welfare, health and research projects as well as rescue and disaster relief efforts.

In order to reach these goals we will be selecting seven candidates for the office of Director At Large this spring. After reading their flyers and reviewing their previous experience, I feel that there are six candidates who, when taken as a group, will bring to the Board the wealth of experience and commitment necessary to help CFA realize these goals, and also provide an environment in which the Siamese cat breed can prosper. The six that I would like to recommend that Siamese Breeders support in their clubs are: Joan Miller, Stan Barnaby, Mark Hannon, Jody Garrison, Wayne Trevathan and Annette Wilson.

Joan Miller needs no introduction to anyone familiar with CFA. As the president of the Winn Foundation she has worked continually to promote research into feline health issues. Joan has also been the driving impetus behind our many successful efforts to curtail the animal rights legislation that has been sweeping the country in the past few years. Stan Barnaby and Wayne Trevathan both have strong international ties, and can help CFA to grow in Europe and in other countries without compromising the breed integrity that has made us strong. Mark Hannon has demonstrated over and over his ability to bring financial success to CFA endeavors, and his competence in recognizing innovative ideas and technology that can work to make CFA more cost effective and able to serve the needs of today's cat enthusiast. Annette Wilson's judging career has been noted for her irreproachable integrity, and she will bring to the CFA Board a wealth of business experience as a senior manager in a large insurance company. Her fiscal knowledge will be invaluable in developing new business plans as CFA attempts to meet its financial challenges in the years ahead. Jody Garrison has served CFA previously as a regional director and has always shown a strong support for strong breed councils and continues to support breed integrity.

The common bond of all the above candidates is their commitment to the core strength of CFA: Breed integrity, strong breed councils, the promotion of our existing breeds and the careful consideration of new breeds. The above candidates will apply their unique talents and experiences to this common goal, and will be able to ensure the growth of CFA as an important part of the entire animal world, as well as provide a future for the Siamese Breed. I strongly urge you to support these six candidates in your clubs and on the ballots.

You will also need to select one additional candidate in order to complete the ballot. I suggest that you review the existing records of those running and decide based on that. Several have voted to allow Tonkinese AOVs to be given championship status, and that is not only harmful to us as a breed, but to the future of all CFA breeds. Because of that decision, any breeds accepted for registration purposes will be able to make any statement necessary for them to gain acceptance, knowing that what is said at one Board meeting will not bind them to any future commitment to either the breeds that they have used as outcrosses or to the CFA Board. This decision will have major ramifications for all CFA breeds going forward, and I would hope that those responsible are not returned to the Board. They showed neither foresight nor insight, but merely opportunism in the decision that they rendered. It might be well at this election to consider a fresh face, such as an international candidate or an unknown, to bring a different perspective to the Board table.

In other news, the Breed Council Breakfast promises to be very special this year. We have invited a leading feline cardiologist to speak, Dr. Alan W. Spiers, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology), PhD., and he has agreed to give our group a presentation on Feline Cardiomyopathy. Please consider signing up for the Breakfast as early as possible, as if we have more than the anticipated 50-55 people at the Breakfast, we will need to reserve a larger room.

The sponsorship of the awards is off to a good start. We have one half of the DMs sponsored, several kittens, and two each of the championship and premiership. So if there is a particular cat that you are fairly certain will be getting an award, please contact Kathy Baron and reserve that cat for yourself. We are also accepting contributions to the general fund, for those who don't wish to sponsor a particular cat. Kathy Baron can be reached at: 302-229-0735, 954 Decoy Way, Bear, DE 19701, or emailed at

We will have something to announce regarding the Breast Cancer Fund at the Breakfast. The fund continues to grow, but we need some help to create the auction site. If anyone has the expertise and time to create our auction site please contact Betty White and let her know. Betty can be reached at 575-299-4106 or

And please plan on attending the club meeting where candidates for director at large will be decided. These elections are very important in determining the future for CFA, and the continuation of the Siamese breed. We can affect the outcome if we all make the effort.


Debbi Stevenson
Siamese Breed Council Secretary
4 Byard Street
Johnstown, NY 12095
518-762-1465, fax: 518-762-1406