This year's Annual Meeting is being held in Reston, Virginia. Reston is an internationally known community in Northern Virginia, and part of the greater metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.  It promises to be a great annual, and I hope to see you there.

Our annual Siamese Breed Council breakfast and awards presentation will take place from 8:00 to 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 25, 2011. For more information visit the CFA web site.

We will be once again honouring our top winners in championship, kittens and premiership as well as our best and second best of color winners, and 2010-11 season DMs.

If you think your cat will finish in the top ten, or if your cat became a DM this season, please send me a photo at as possible for the Siamese Breed Council's award booklet. High resolution photos are preferred. Thanks to those who have already submitted their photos.

We will be requesting sponsors for the awards shortly. Ann Marie Bingham has graciously agreed to co-ordinate the sponsorships again this year. Watch for more information in the April Newsletter.

This year's Annual Delegate Book will feature full color ads for just $70 each. Smaller ads and black and white ads are also available at a lower rate. Contact Sue Beuerlein ( for more information. It would be wonderful to see this season's Siamese showcased, so please consider placing an ad in the book.


The ballots for the election of CFA's Director-at-Large have been mailed to club secretaries. This year we have twelve candidates running. You can review the candidates statements on the Declared Candidates page on the CFA website. If you are in a position to vote, please remember that it is important for us to vote for the candidates who can best take CFA forward at this most challenging time as well as respect the preservation of our breed. Most candidates are available by phone and/or email and would be glad to discuss their positions on the different issues.


Mark your calendars:

May 7, 2011: North Pacific Siamese Fanciers - Issaquah, WA
Judges: Mare(AB), G. Powell(AB), E. Davis(AB), Orlando(AB), B. Moser(AB),
P. Moser(AB).
Entry limit 225.
Entry Clerk: Pat Decano

May 28, 2011: Siamese Alliance of America - Lebanon, PA
Judges: Jacobberger(AB), D.J. Thompson(AB), Myers(AB), Zottoli(AB), Sumner(AB), Auspitz(AB).
Entry limit 225.
Entry Clerk: Debbie Kusy
More Info:

September 3-4, 2011: National Siamese Cat Club - Brockport, NY
Judges: Adkison(AB), Doernberg(AB), Wilson(AB), Harding(AB), Dodds(AB), Darrah(AB), Gradowski(LH/SH-CH; AB-Kit/PR), S. Powell(LH/SH-CH; AB-Kit/PR).
Entry limit 225.
Entry Clerk: Debbie Kusy
More Info:


Congratulations to the following new grands for 2011. For a complete list of grands from the 2010-11 show season (with photos), visit the Grand Parade page on the National Siamese web site.


CH, GP Ayuthaya Tango of Luin
Chocolate Point Neuter
DOB: 03/01/2008
Sire: GC, RW Ayuthaya Amoroso of Thaifong, DM
Dam: GC Alexy Salsa Piquant
Breeder: S. Perkins - V. Wheeldon
Owner: Lee Genet

GC Chocolado's Mimosa
Blue Point Female
DOB: 04/07/2010
Sire: GC, RW Blue Isles Jimmybuffett of Tyjunsee
Dam: GC Pharoahsgems Aria of Chocolado
Breeder: Ralph-Cindy Yanez

Owner: R-C Yanez-Liz Armitage

GP Cha-O-P'ya Youki
Seal Point Neuter
DOB: 11/23/2009
Sire: GC Cha-O-P'ya Orion
Dam: GC Cha-O-P'ya Petunia, DM
Breeder/Owner: Lorraine-Pierre Rivard

GP Haute-Ming "GQ"
Seal Point Neuter
DOB: 0
Sire: CH Haute-Ming's American Icon
GC, BW, RW Shimasu's En-Vogue of Haute-Ming
Breeder: Marilyn-Kevin Moriarty
Owner: Richard S. Neill

GC Hiway Amigo
Chocolate Point Male
DOB: 04/11/2010
Sire: GC Hiway Napolean Dynamite
Dam: Hiway Isfin
Breeder/Owner: Todd Dotson

GC Mollercats Moxie
Seal Point Female
DOB: 01/01/2010
Sire: CH Felitan Sir Percival of Mollercats
Dam: GC Felitan Grace of Mollercats
Breeder/Owner: Judith Moller

GP Pharoahsgems Lola Latte
Seal Point Spay
DOB: 09/03/2009
Sire: CH Blue Isles Bacardi of Savuti
Dam: Pharoahsgems Kindred Spirit
Breeder: Melissa Wedel
Isabel Lopez

GP San-Toi's Ready-Set-Go
Chocolate Point Neuter
DOB: 03/14/2010
Sire: GC, RW Hiway Souvenir of San-Toi
Dam: GC, RW San-Toi's Day Dreams
Breeder: Dee Johnson-Connie Roberts
Owner: D. Johnson-C. Roberts-L. Carlson

GP Shera Len Lumimance
Blue Point Spay
Sire: GC
Alexy's TL Tango of Thaifong
GC Shera Len
Betsy Arnold

GC Sutton Meows Harmony
Lilac Point Female
DOB: 03/10/2010
Sire: CH Blue-Gems Elijah of Sutton Meows
Dam: CH Bama Blues Myah of Sutton Meows
Debra Fagerstrom


GC Afina's Dawn of Kadabra
Seal Point Female
Sire: GC, RW Kwazy Strombolli of Afina
Dam: CH Koblizek November BD of Afina
Breeder: Elan Barefield
Owner: Linda Carlson - Dee Johnson - Connie Roberts

GP Clowntown's Boomer
Blue Point Neuter
DOB: 04/04/2010
Sire: Davisiam Asia Major
Dam: CH Suteki's Hana of Clowntown
Breeder: H-V. Webster-Cindy Petrovich
Owner: Howard Webster-Jeff Phipps

GC Cool Beauty's Treasure Hunter
Seal Point Male
DOB: 0
Sire: GC San-Toi Pegasus Win of Cool Beauty
Dam: GC San-Toi Muses Wanda of Cool Beauty
Breeder: Mayumi Shiotsuki
Owner: Mayumi-Akira Shiotsuki

GC Haute-Ming "EZ-Breezy-Covergirl"
Choclate Point Female
DOB: 0
Sire: CH Haute-Ming's American Icon
GC, BW, RW Shimasu's En-Vogue of Haute-Ming
Breeder/Owner: Marilyn-Kevin Moriarty

GC Pharoahsgems Karnak of Susan
Seal Point Male
DOB: 03/20/2010
Sire: GC, RW Gimsin Howard K Stern
Dam: Tyjunsee Nefertiti of Blue Isles
Breeder: Melissa Wedel
Owner: S. Beuerlein-C. Pulkowski


Littermates GC Haute-Ming "EZ-Breezy-Covergirl" and
GP Haute-Ming "GQ" pictured as kittens with their sisters

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