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"Ed Davis, Now & Then"

By Donna Davis and Sibyl Zaden
(edited by Kathryn Brady)

Part 1 - Donna Davis
Ed and I bred Siamese under the Thaibok moniker. Although Ed was half responsible for CFA's 1976 Best and Third Best cats, as well as several other national winners (including Kitten of the Year) he was given little credit. That didn't stop Ed, he registered a new cattery name, Davasiam, and proceeded to breed many outstanding cats. From two foundation females he has achieved three DM's and many regional winners.

Ed had a rough start in the CFA SH judging career, but instead of giving up he kept going and once again and he was successful. With aspirations of becoming a LH judge as well he proceeded to breed really fine Persians. He conquered the fine art of grooming and campaigned GC, RW Davisism Cookie Monster, a lovely red Persian to the Southwest Region's Best Cat in Premiership in 2002-2003.

Ed has always been a planner. He has an uncanny ability to see into the future from a specific breeding of cats. Six years ago, while preparing to move, I came across Ed's old breeding plans in my desk. He had actually plotted a program to produce a "cat of the year" in 2 to 3 generations by importing an English outcross. Amazingly, we accomplished this in one generation, with GC, NW Thaibok Teriyaki, DM.

Ed has persevered through many obstacles but he has always maintained his ethics as a CFA judge and his standards as a breeder. He has a strong ideal for the preservation of the Siamese breed. He is and has always been a Siamese breeder first and foremost.

Part 2 - Sibyl Zaden
I met Ed Davis in the early 90s at a Siamese Fanciers Club meeting. I was impressed with his knowledge of the Siamese breed. Ed had just taken over as president of the Siamese Fanciers. He had amazing organizational skills and was working hard to make the club what he knew it could be.

We both lived in West Hollywood and we developed a "Siamese" relationship. Ed taught me what to look for when purchasing a Siamese, what to look for in the pick of the litter and he taught me about the advantages of out-crossing. The most important thing I learned was his way of mixing and matching one's breeding program through interactions with other Siamese breeders.

Ed is extremely generous. He has shared his lines with many breeders; MVAble (Mike & Vicki Franks), Chimcheeree (Charlotte Holbrook) and Acatami Award (Sibyl Zaden) to name a recent few. All three of these catteries were able to achieve DMs this season thanks to Ed.

A lot of us have had success thanks to Ed. CFA's Best Siamese Kitten (2002-2003) Radja's Vishnu was sired by GC, RW Davisiam Bro.

Breeding my lilac point female, AcatamiAward Lalique Alexus to Ed's chocolate point CH Shimasu Sweet Prince of Davisiam produced a "true" chocolate point kitten. That cat, CH AcatamiAward Apollonia "Polly", DM, went on to become my first DM.

GC, RW Braveheart, DM is one of the few actively breeding Siamese DM males in CFA.

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