The Siamese Breed Council Breed Booth

The Siamese Breed Booth wins first prize at the 2008 International in Atlanta, GA
Photo: Kathryn Brady

The Siamese breed booth, originally created by Ron DeWilde (Radja), was updated in 2008 by Virginia Wheeldon and Susan Perkins, and unveiled at the 2008 International Show in Atlanta, GA where it was awarded first place in the Breed Booth Competition.

Ron's original design was striking and elegant and Virginia and Susan elected to build on it rather than replace it. They added a navy table drape accented with an Oriental patterned silk runner and 16 x 20 panels set on easels depicting the four colors of Siamese. The text on the panels was written by Betty White and appears on the National Siamese Cat Club web site in an article entitled "The Four Colors". See detailed photos of the four panels below.

The highlight of the updated booth is a 10 inch digital picture frame which runs a slide show depicting Siamese winners from over the years. The slide show was adapted from the Power Point presentation originally presented at the 2006 Annual in Reno. Over 260 pictures were used from 1900 to 2007-08 winners. See some of the slides from the show below.

Special thanks to Marilyn Moriarity (Haute-Ming) who generously sponsored the costs for printing, digital frame and table drape and runner and to Carolyn Self (Cirque) who stepped in and donated the rechargeable power supply that runs the frame during events. Also to Perrie and Terry Smith (Towleroad) who picked up the booth at the National Siamese show in October, and then took it on to Atlanta for the International. And to Kathryn Brady (Katsmith) took the booth home and will store it in between events. Congratulations to Kathryn for best Siamese in show with GC, RW Mezetique Roxie of Katsmith!


Detail of The Four Color Panels



The Digital Slide Show

A few of the more than 260 slides displayed in the digital picture frame.


Roxie was also best Siamese in championship at the 2008 International.

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