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Lifetime Achievement Awards

Each year, the CFA Siamese breed council presents the Lifetime Achievement Award to breeders who have dedicated their careers to the welfare and advancement of the Siamese. Recipients have shown their devotion to the Siamese with a successful breeding program, skillful exhibition of high quality cats, participation in activities that promote and advance the breed, and mentorship of other breeders.

The award originated in 1995 at the suggestion of Ellyn and Rico Honey. The breed council quickly realized the prestige of being given such an award by one's peers, and it is now a highlight of our Annual meeting. Because of the importance of the award and the need to maintain a high level of sportsmanship, breed council secretary Debbi Stevenson appointed a small committee in April, 2001, to develop guidelines for nominations and presentation. These guidelines were finalized in October, 2001, and were first used for the 2002 award.

•   Harriett Little, Lilliput Cattery, first recipient, 1996
•   Marian Butler, Calermar Cattery, 1997 recipient
•   Jeanne Singer, Singa Cattery, 1998 recipient
•   Marge Naples, DiNapoli Cattery, 1999 recipient
•   Laina Aitken, Wa-La Cattery, 2000 recipient
•   Donna Davis, Thaibok Cattery, 2001 recipient
•   Betty White, Angkor Rose Cattery, 2002 recipient
•   Ed Davis, Thaibok & Davisiam Catteries, 2003 recipient
Dee Johnson & Connie Roberts, San-Toi Cattery, 2009 recipient

What do all those titles on cats' names mean?

Siamese may earn titles by competing against not only other Siamese, but other breeds as well.

When an adult cat (8 months or older) defeats 6 other Siamese of the same sex and color in the judging rings, it earns the title of Champion if it is an unaltered cat, or Premier if it is a spayed or neutered cat.

Once a cat is a Champion or Premier, it can compete against other cats for the titles of Grand Champion (earned by defeating 200 other cats in the judging rings) or Grand Premier (earned by defeating 75 other cats.)

Some of these cats go on to earn the titles of Regional Winner (RW), which is awarded within the region of the cat's owner's residence, and is based on the total number of points earned throughout the show season by defeating other cats in the rings. Points required to earn a regional win vary by region and year, since they are based on the number of cats competing, but they can range from as little as 2500 points to 4000 points in Championship, to 1500 to 3000 points in Premiership. Kittens, which compete between 4 to 8 months of age, are also eligible to earn an RW designation. Kitten RW points also vary as above.

Another great achievement for a cat is to earn the title of National Winner (NW). This title is awarded each year to the top 25 highest-scoring cats in Championship, the top 20 cats in Premiership, and the top 20 Kittens. Again, the points required for these wins depends on the number of cat/kittens competing that particular year. They can be quite high. An NW in Championship usually requires between 7500 to 11,000+ points; Premiership varies from over 3000 to 5000+ points, and Kittens from 3000 to 4500+ points.

The most coveted title a cat can earn, though, is the Distinguished Merit (DM) title. To earn this title, a male cat must produce 15 offspring who earn the title of Grand Champion, Grand Premier, or become a DM themselves without a Grand title. A female must produce 5 offspring who earn these titles. While the above titles are based on competition directly, the DM title is conferred on an outstanding breeding animal whose contributions to the breed are superior. See the list of Distinguished Merit award winners.

What are the Siamese Breed Council awards?

The Siamese Breed Council each year at the CFA Annual Meeting recognizes the top 10 Siamese in Championship nationally, the top 10 Siamese in Premiership nationally, and the top 10 Siamese Kittens nationally. We also recognize the Best and 2nd Best of Color in Championship in each of the four colors - seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac.

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